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About Us

Sonoran Performance Horses is a family-owned business where horses are our priority. The owners of our company have a passion for these animals so starting a business in the equine industry felt the most right.

Sonoran Performance Horses was founded in the year 2021 with the purchase of our first lesson horse Cisco. Our goal with all of our lesson horses is to teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders alike the skills of horsemanship. We want to share with them the love of horses that both our clients and we here at SPH have.


 Hailey Sipila

Hailey Sipila was born with a passion for horses. Since day one she absolutely adored them and dreamed of having her own horses and running her own facility. Hailey started riding horses at the age of ten and with experience, her passion for these animals grew. 


Hailey got her first horse at the age of fourteen, a palomino Missouri Fox-Trotter named Show-Me. After Show-Me sadly passed away, Hailey began to take Horsemanship, introduction courses for Veterinary Medicine, and Equine Science classes at her high school where she got the chance to learn more about these animals. 


During her high school years, Hailey adopted two Arabian geldings, one of which she trained from a western style of riding, to the hunter-jumper discipline. She not only converted this horse from Western to English, but she taught him to jump as well. Having basic knowledge of training horses, she began to seek out work at different horse barns and facilities around the valley. For a while she was volunteering at an eventing barn before switching her interests over to a less discipline-specific barn. It was there that she worked as a working student and bettered her riding, equitation, and training abilities in schooling different lesson horses and show horses.


Today, Hailey is not only the owner, but also the main riding instructor for Sonoran Performance Horses where she enjoys passing her knowledge of riding and horsemanship down to new riders who share the same passion for these incredible animals that she does. 


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