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Our Horses


Meet Delilah!

Delilah is one of the favorite lesson horses here at Sonoran Performance Horses. She is a grade Arabian mare and she is absolutely wonderful for students of all riding levels.

Like Cisco, we don’t know Delilah’s exact birthday, so we celebrate it on the first of January every year.

Delilah is an all around horse. She excels in western pleasure, hunt seat, and even jumping! She is also one of our main show horses here at Sonoran Performance Horses and excels in the hunt seat equitation, hunter pleasure, and sport horse classes.

Delilah is one of the kindest horses we have ever met. She came to us in March of 2023 and has since won the hearts of all the staff and students with her kind, gentle temperament and sweet personality.

We love our sweet Delilah and are so blessed to have her here at our facility.

Meet Bronze!

Bronze is another member of the lesson horse crew here at Sonoran Performance Horses. Bronze is a registered Arabian gelding who is known for his goofy grin and big personality.

Bronze was Hailey’s horse while she was in high school. After she got him back some years later in April of 2023, he officially became one of SPH’s most popular lesson horses!

Because Bronze is registered, we know that his birthday is April 4, 2000.

Like most registered horses, Bronze has a registered name. According to the Arabian Horse Association, Bronze’s name is actually JK Bronze! But we just call him Bronze for short

Bronze used to compete in reining and has even competed at the annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. Though Bronze’s big show days are behind him, he still tags along to shows with Delilah and participates in the lead line classes with some of our younger students.

We love Bronze and his big personality. We are beyond grateful to call him ours.

Meet Henri!

Henri is a 2010 purebred Arabian Gelding. His registered name is Matese PA but we just call him Henri 🙂

Henri is a horse we use only for our upper level students. He has a lot of buttons on him and he definitely does a great job of teaching his riders how to be a leader to their horse.

Henri has been previously shown in Hunt Seat classes in many Arabian breed show. He is absolutely stunning in all his show apparel and stands out because of his delicate face and powerful gaits. 

Henri has the goofiest personality. He definitely is jut a big toddler in a horse’s body. He loves to put everything in his mouth and he’ll always be one to keep you on your toes.

Sweet Henri boy is a horse we are leasing for the time being to give our more advanced students a horse to move up on!


Meet Pella!

Pella is a Buckskin Quarter Horse Friesian Cross! Her registered name is Rhythmic Acapella Von Dokter, but we just call her Pella for short!

Pella is an older gal. She was born in 2001 making her and Bronze the oldest horses here. (At SPH we strongly believe there is nothing wrong with being a senior citizen)

Pella excels in both english and western riding and has done everything from jumping to barrel racing! Here at SPH she is being used mainly as a hunt seat and jumping horse, but does some western riding here and there too!

Pella is leased to us until the end of 2025. We will enjoy our time with her as much as possible as our days with her are more limited.

We are so grateful for this time we are able to have Pella. She is quickly climbing the ranks as one of the favorite lesson horses around here.



Meet Eddie!


Eddie is a cute little Shetland Pony who joined the crew in August of 2023. This little man was born in March 2022 making him the youngest horse here at SPH

Eddie is currently in training with both of our instructors here and will join the lesson crew as soon as he is old enough and broke enough to be ridden by our smallest students.

Eddie is best known for his loud whinny and goofy personality. Everyone who rides at Sonoran Performance Horses looks forward to giving Eddie a pet whenever they come out to ride.

We can’t wait to see how Eddie turns out when he gets older! This little guy has so much potential!

Meet Jazz!

Jazz is an absolute sweetheart who we had the pleasure of introducing to our heard in spring of 2024! This love bug was born on May 5, 2004. She is a registered half-Arabian mare. Her registered name is Jasmine Aiyana, but we just call her Jazz for short


Jazz is currently ridden mainly by our intermediate level riders because she has a lot of get-up-and-go in her. Don’t let her age fool you! This girl is athletic!


Jazz is a fleabitten grey mare who stands right around 15 ish hands high. She was previously used as a trail horse, but here she loves hunt seat & competing in our fun shows.

We look forward to all of our future adventures with our lovely Ms. Jazz 🙂


Meet Buttons!

Also known as “Cute As A Button” Buttons is a Pony of the Americas who we estimate to be born in 2012!

Sweet Ms. Buttons joined our heard in spring of 2024 and has been absolutely adored by all of our students here.

Buttons excels in Hunt Seat & Hunter Jumpers and definitely stands out in the show ring with her stunning coat color.

Buttons has the worlds greatest ground manners and is a dream for teaching the more timid riders how to be confident!

Not only is she beginner safe, but the more advanced students  here adore her for showing & jumping. This girl is just so well rounded!

We adore our sweet Buttons 🙂

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