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Our Horses

Meet Cisco!

Cisco is one of our main lesson horses here at Sonoran Performance Horses. He is a grade Quarter Horse gelding that we use mainly for our beginner level students.

Because he is a grade horse, we don’t know his exact birthday, so we celebrate it on the first of January every year.

Cisco used to be a ranch horse before he came to our facility and was used in all kinds of ranch work including roping and cattle work. Now, he is being used as an English lesson horse and teaches all of our students all about how to ride and build confidence in the saddle.

Cisco is a very sweet boy who came to us in May of 2021. Since then, he has won the hearts of all of the staff and students here at our facility.

Cisco is known for his gentle and sweet temperament, his laziness, his curious personality, and his ability to make anyone smile.

We love Cisco and we are honored to call him ours.

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