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Why Us

Why Should You Use SPH?


Here at Sonoran Performance Horses, we put our clients and their horses first. With extensive experience handling and riding horses, the owners & staff of SPH are qualified to care for and handle your horses.


When it comes to riding lessons, the owners & staff of SPH have plenty of experience. Teaching beginners the basics of riding is what Hailey, the owner of SPH, does best.

When you choose to work with Sonoran Performance Horses, you will never regret your decision. We are qualified to not only teach you to better your riding abilities but also to help you and your horse work better as a team and move forward in your riding journey together.

Not only is our staff qualified to care for and train your horses, we are also qualified to teach all ages of riders how to ride these amazing animals. We are a business built on the love of horses. We want to provide the best experience for you, your horses, your children, and anyone involved with our business so providing the best service that we can is our priority.

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